The Benefits of Raw Milk

In conjunction with the publication of my article in Organic NZ Magazine July / August 2014, I’ve created this post about the many benefits of drinking raw organic milk from pasture raised cows.

Below are a series of informative slips about the health properties raw milk, the benefits of organic farming , the history of pasteurisation, food safety and more.

Not only is raw milk more nutritious, satisfying and healthy than processed milk, it is also safer, because it contains a wide range of  naturally occurring substances that help destroy pathogens. To learn more check out this great post by Cheeseslave titled  ‘Top 10 reasons to Drink Raw Milk.’

To read the enlightening e-book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration by Weston A Price  click here

Pasteurisation significantly reduces the nutritive value of milk to the degree that is no longer a healthy food. In fact the consumption of pasteurised milk burdens the body. Despite claims by dairy manufacturers and some dieticians, in no way can processed milk compare to raw.

Milk in its natural state is a complete food containing every known vitamin and mineral needed for health. It also contains all the enzymes, lactic acid and beneficial bacteria needed to digest it, all of which are heat sensitive. Various other immune enhancing factors such as fatty acids, cholesterol and whey proteins etc are also effected by processing.

The following nutrients are either damaged, destroyed or reduced in pasteurised, homogenised milk.
Omega 3s
Vitamin C
B-9 (folate) – the binding protein needed for folate absorption is destroyed
Vitamin A
Vitamin D
Vitamin E
Calcium – becomes difficult to absorb
Iron – absorption prevented due to the destruction of lactoferrin
Beneficial bacteria lactobacillus acidopholous and bifidus bacteria – destroyed by heat and their destruction means the uptake of minerals and various vitamins is impaired
Lactase – the enzyme needed for lactose digestion is destroyed by heat
Beta-lactoglobulin – a protein needed for the uptake of Vit A is destroyed by heat

Please check out the following links for more information
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Finally, to source raw milk  ask around or contact your closest Weston A Price Foundation chapter.